The Future of Democracy in a Digital World

16.11.2022 - Article
Münster, November 3, 2022: U.S.-German Futures Forum The Future of Democracy in a Digital World
Münster, November 3, 2022: U.S.-German Futures Forum “The Future of Democracy in a Digital World”© Besim Mazhiqi

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock:

The German-American Future Forum will meet for the first time in Germany in November. We are bringing together young experts as well as decision-makers from our two countries to develop new ideas for our societies and the transatlantic partnership, in short, for ‘thinking without a banister’.

The 2022 conference will address the interplay of democracy and technology, bringing together technology, public policy, civic society, academia, and media leaders from both countries for two days of policy-oriented work. The Münster gathering will bring subject matter experts into a transatlantic discussion in a cross-generational format. Participants will address how to improve the digital delivery of government services in both countries, advance democracy and human rights online, counter digital authoritarianism and disinformation and improve the use of technology in the provision of development assistance globally. This novel, high-level, and inter-generational conference is designed to have a measurable impact on both societies and polities.

It aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Create lasting, solution-oriented connections to influence policy
  • Strengthen societal preparedness and resilience
  • Expand interpersonal exchange among individuals previously untouched by transatlantic policy Dynamics

Washington Declaration:

Since the end of World War II, countless people from all walks of life – including business and science, civilian and in uniform, civil society organizations, think tanks and academic networks – have strengthened and deepened the bond between our two nations. As a lasting demonstration of our bilateral relationship and our commitment to the above principles, we are launching a U.S.-German Futures Forum that will fully utilize the expertise and innovative power of our societies and recommend solutions to jointly shape our future.

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